Elder Care Planning


Mediation assists families to talk through legal decisions, care options and differences of opinions to reach respectful agreements about ongoing care of their elder loved ones.

Elder care mediation topics can include one or more of the following:

· Medical and end-of-life choices.

· Family possessions, including inheritance, guardianship, sale of the parent's primary or vacation home.

· Independence and safety (for example, taking away the car keys).

· Living arrangements or care giving—one sibling shouldering the burden or being controlling, another not pulling her weight, or someone feeling cut out of the loop.


Other issues include: multiple decision-makers and personalities, economic and geographic disparities among siblings, different expectations, complicated role reversals, ingrained ways of behaving, old "baggage" and personal commitments. 

Elder mediators help parties resolve conflict, guiding them towards effective communication skills to aid the process of current and future decision-making.