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Peaceful Family Solutions provides professional mediation services to families in conflict and crisis. Kristen jocums, the founder of peaceful Family Solutions, respectfully guides families through difficult times with proven techniques of dispute resolution. These alternative dispute resolution methods provide families with the tools they need to reach agreement and overcome conflict. Our focus is to help families find new ways to communicate. By using our methods, families can maintain positive relationships or transition to new family structures in a peaceful way.

What is Mediation?


Mediation is a dispute resolution process that helps families through conflicts caused by changes in family structure. Mediation helps families achieve agreement on legal decisions, parenting plans, and elder care options, which can reduce or eliminate the cost and stress of hiring a lawyer. A successful mediator guides the conversation and keeps the conversation focused on present solutions that will lead to better futures. unlike counseling where the conversation focuses on “fixing” a current relationship, mediation seeks new structures and systems to keep conflict from continuing to happen even when relationships change. Mediators provide strategies that help disputing couples come to agreement regarding parenting strategies, parenting time, and custody arrangements. We also assist families struggling to come to agreement about elder care decisions and arrangements.

What are the advantages of mediation?


Mediators and lawyers approach divorces from two different perspectives. Mediators are neutral third parties who try to help all clients achieve mutually satisfactory resolution. Lawyers advise an individual client and focus on achieving what is best for their client.


Working with a Mediator as a neutral third party assures that everyone’s voice is heard equally and agreements are made in the best interests of all parties. Children benefit when their parents reach mutual agreement about post-divorce custody, visitation, co-parenting, and estate dissolution. Adult children and their older parents find mutually acceptable solutions to their living and care arrangements.


Mediation seeks to provide a safe, open, peaceful place to identify differences, find common ground, and reach mutual agreement. Separation agreements, parenting plans, and custody agreements can all be arranged by divorcing couples with the help of a professional mediator, often at a significant savings when compared to attorney-led divorce. For couples who are amicably divorcing, an attorney may not be necessary to reach resolution or may be used in a less expensive, limited way. For families caring for their older parents, attorneys may need to be consulted to establish complex legal and financial arrangements. However, the Mediator assists families to set goals, define roles and maintain family relationships.

How does Mediation work?


Mediation begins with an initial consultation. This can be done via phone or in person depending on the situation. In our initial consultation, we will determine if mediation is the best avenue for everyone involved. If mediation is your best option, we will develop a plan for proceeding. Depending on the complexity of the case, the mediation process can be completed in 1 to 3 sessions. For more complex situations more meetings may be needed. Sessions are usually held weekly, but the schedule is tailored to the situation. If we are waiting for a piece of information before a decision can be made, timing is adjusted.

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